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Efficiency, discretion

Léman Nuisibles is specialized in treatments against pests in individual and professional premises. Based in the canton of Geneva, we operate throughout French-speaking Switzerland to offer you our different pest control solutions. The Léman Nuisibles employees have the skills and OPR-P certifications issued by the Swiss Federation of Disinfestateurs. This guarantees top quality services and responses adapted to all requests.

Emergencies are treated within 24 hours, whether it is wasp nests, common hornets, Asian hornets, rats or mice. We offer a treatment adapted to each pest: biological, chemical or mechanical, on an ad hoc basis or in the form of a contract.

Furthermore, a lasting solution will be put in place concerning your problems with cockroaches, ants, moths and other unwanted insects. Thanks to our experience in pest control, you will only have one contact to treat bed bugs effectively. We offer, in fact, total management including canine detection, housing preparation, freezing, steaming, chemical  or heat treatment. Each of these services can be offered separately. We guarantee the effectiveness of the extermination of bedbugs two months after our second visit. Our know-how in the fight against birds and stripping technique allows us to offer a full range of solutions. Our net and wire installations, pikes and blind box protections will guarantee you effective and durable solutions against pigeons, sparrows and all unwanted birds.

We complete our offer by removing clutter from premises and their disinfection, for example in the presence of people suffering from Diogenes syndrome. Léman Nuisibles is an environmentally friendly company, we always favour ZERO paper as well as the use of low impact products during our interventions. Do not hesitate to use our services, information and estimates are free.


Our teams intervene in emergencies, within 24 hours, in the Geneva's district.


After our interventions, we will send you a report within 48 hours so that you know precisely what has been achieved.


You trust us, we guarantee all our interventions for your peace of mind.